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Macomb, Illinois 61455. Information found on CountyOffice.org is strictly for informational purposes and does not construe legal, financial or medical advice. We reload all case information from each court approximately once a month to insure the completeness of our database records. Warren County, IL - Criminal and Civil files are current from 2000. Once an advertisement is paused, it can be deleted by selecting the delete button. Ogle County, IL - Criminal files are current from 1989 and Civil files are current from 1994. Confidential Records are excluded from Remote Access under this Policy and shall not be accessible through re:SearchIL or any other system providing Remote Access." Email: courts @co.adams.il.us https://www.judici.com/courts/cases/case_search.jsp. Adams County, IL Circuit Court Alexander County, IL Circuit Court Links to this page do not constitute endorsement by any court of the content, policies, or services offered here. - (return to top) 1. Advertise on Judici. This should defray the cost of providing free access to court data. Effingham County, IL Circuit Court To pay and plea on a new traffic ticket by Visa, MasterCard or Discover or to pay on an existing fine, go to Judici and choose the option to pay or plea and select Pike County. The "expected page views" column will divide the total number of views by the current number of advertisement placements for that county and case type. http://www.pikecountyil.org/county-assessor/, Pike County Child Support Warrants Pike County Restraining Order Forms & Applications Whiteside County, IL - Criminal and Civil files are current from 1989. Perry County, IL Circuit Court In the course of updating Judici to reflect the expanded access, we implemented the governing Confidential Records provision. Pike County Pike County Sheriff / E911 Fire, EMS 154.785 Sheriff is currently simulcasting/patched to 151.055 Pittsfield Police NXDN Repeater (5/6/15) * See the WIKI for more information Pike County Government EMS and Hospitals Blessing Illini Community Hospital (Pittsfield) New DMR system on 451.75, 452.725 Criminal Dispositions Subscription - Single court. L. Weed is legal now in Illinois. Pope County, IL - Criminal and Civil files are current from 1989, as well as those pending at that time. You can view how this process is taking place at the Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO) website: https://www.illinoislegalaid.org/legal-information/weed-legal-now-can-i-clear-my-record (Please note that the URL above is neither controlled nor maintained by Judici, and is provided solely as a convenience. Advertisements must be paused before they can be deleted. One Courthouse Square. Simply select a new advertisement from the "Move Placement to different Ad". J. For subscription access to a site combining all participating courts for services such as multi-court/multi-case results and personalized court schedules, subscribe (at Premium Services page) then use the Search Cases button above. All Rights Reserved. This page is operated by Judici.com, not a court. Massac County, IL Circuit Court Additionally, if you are presented with an error message, please copy that error message into the email. However, expungement is based on several factors by specific deadlines, and it is somewhat complicated process. L. How do I pause or delete an advertisement from Judici? G. Will multiple advertisement placements for the same advertisement appear concurrently or consecutively? E. When I print in Microsoft Explorer, it doesn't look as nice as it looks on the screen. Washington County, IL - Criminal and Civil files are current from 1997, as well as those pending at that time. Why was this done? https://www.pikecountyil.org/county-clerk/ Madison County, IL Circuit Court Pike County Criminal Records This indirectly made clear which of the conflicting provisions of the Remote Access Policy should govern. Links to this page do not constitute endorsement by any court of the content, policies, or services offered here. Terms and Conditions. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 2023 CountyClerkRecords.com. If paid by Phone an Additional Phone Fee of $3.50 will be added. But in light of the above-referenced concerns regarding data retention and bulk distribution of court data, the web services offered are all "person-centric" (focusing on a specific individual rather than delivering data in bulk). Advertise on Judici. https://www.illinoiscourts.gov/forms/approved-forms/forms-approved-forms-circuit-court/order-of-protection https://www.illinois.gov/hfs/ChildSupport/delinquent/Pages/default.aspx. Located on the main entry level in the south wing. No, for the same reasons that Judici doesn't offer "bulk distribution " of data (see FAQ below). Pike County Court Records are public records, documents, files, and transcripts associated with court cases and court dockets available in Pike County, Illinois. For example: * If you have a one month placement in one county, your total will be $10. Pay and Plead Cook County Court Diversion Traffic Tickets, Request Traffic School, or Request a Hearing Plead guilty and pay Cook County traffic tickets online for violations that do not require a court appearance; a service fee applies. Jackson County, IL - Criminal and Civil files are current from 1985. Due to issues with Internet Explorer 11 across all Windows platforms, we highly recommend you do not use this browser when looking up information on Judici. If your case is eventually expunged, the information will be removed from Judici within 10-15 minutes of the order being entered into the computer systems at the court. Once your advertisement is approved, advertisement placements will have to be purchased for the advertisement in order for it to appear on www.judici.com. The best way to search is to enter your Parcel / Mobile Home Number or Last Name as it appears on your Tax Bill. In order to obtain a marriage license in Pike County, the applicants must apply together, in person, at the County Clerks office. See our Refund Policy page for more information on refunds. Does Judici offer bulk distribution of court data? K. I need to contact the court about my case. Henderson County, IL Circuit Court Mason County, IL - Criminal and Civil files are current from 1989. White County, IL Circuit Court - Criminal and Civil files are current from 1989 Edgar County, IL - Criminal and Civil files are current from 1992 on, and all prior cases have been put in if any activity was pending. or Pay by Phone -1-800-352-9870 and provide Form ID 142502, Name, DOB, Case/Ticket Number, and Payment Amount.. Handling Fees: Under $50 - $1.75 fee, Over $50 - 3.5% of Total. Find information about Pike County, Illinois Family Court Forms including family services, emancipations, paternity tests, custody forms, and annulments. I. Can I download large amounts of data and retain a copy? Pike County Sheriff. Pike County, IL | Case Search NOTICE: terms of use Case: Name: Charge Text: Exact Match? Randolph County, IL - Criminal and Civil cases are current from 1992. https://www.pikecountyil.org/circuit-court/. Perry County, IL - Criminal and Civil files are current from 1989. 2. The Pike County Court Records links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Pike County Court Records. Check "Submit for approval only" to submit an advertisement for approval without purchasing advertisement placements. Stephenson County, IL Circuit Court 62363 Wabash County, IL Circuit Court Terms of use . Macoupin County, IL Circuit Court This may include anything from adding a new hearing date to correcting the spelling of a name. Welcome and thank you for joining us. Located inside the foyer of the Circuit Clerk's Office. Cumberland County, IL Circuit Court The "total page views" column will display the total number of views for the county and case type for last month. These contradictory broad provisions remain in the Remote Access Policy even today. F. How can I go to a page other than Case Info when accessing a case? Phone: 217-285-6612 For questions or comments about this web site, please see our Contacts Page.. PO Box 283 But testing of a different remote access system, completed in the spring of 2021, indicated that that system did not allow the attorney of record to see Confidential Records. 107 and go 4 miles to Pittsfield. McDonough County, IL Circuit Court Monroe County, IL Circuit Court This means Pike County will strive to continually work to provide the newest information here in a public venue. Please note that Opera is not a supported browser due to requests being routed through servers registered outside of the US before making a request to Judici. Some prior cases are available if activity was pending. A. The county has a total area of 849 square miles, 831 square miles of which is land, and 18 square miles is water. Attorneys and Judges can use Courtlook to search across all Judici counties, and access case file documents and judge docket notes via personalized case lists/dockets. We have a commitment to accessibility and community spirit. 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